Feedback from Emmpower clients

“After these trainings, my relation with my onsite coordinator has improved, my time management ability is improved, I could see what I am doing with my time, and how much I am working and my ability to say NO has improved, I am able to be more assertive and I am able do the different things that I always wanted to do.

Some of the gems that rolled during your trainings that helped me : "Being present" "Assertiveness Mantra and understanding Big picture" "20% of time in Q2 activities can save 80% of time of Q1 tasks" "EBA" is a wonderful concept. "Transactional Analysis" "Reply, Don't react to mails"

Vikram K Kante, IBM Quality Auditor.

"All the participants for all 4 batches of software developers, project managers and tech. leads have found your training extremely effective and beneficial."

Jaya Johnson, HR Head, Infinera

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