“Initiative 2018 - The global Asian Leaders Round Table series”

“Emmpower launches the Coachenlight brand of initiatives”

Coachenlight was born out of the philosophy that God’s most beautiful creation is mankind and we are all uniquely crafted to be abundant. However, if that is not our experience of ourselves and the world, how can we rediscover our lost identity and travel our “Hero’s Journey”. The context of our world today is challenging and often the inner universe of our being, is out of harmony. Coachenlight endeavors to address this often ignored, invisible, inaudible, unconscious being within which is capable of either limiting us or liberating us. The choice remains with us.

Coachenlight’s mission is to resurrect the human spirit at an individual and collective level through specific communities, schools, universities, and groups of people with a common goal. It reaches out to potentially high impact institutions, organizations and individuals through creative interventions, mentoring and coaching. It aspires to initiate and sustain cultural change that heals, inspires, recognizes and celebrates the human spirit in people.

It engages visual and performing arts, sports and nature, books and community service as experiential interventions to create self awareness and action.

Coachenlight Life Coaching

This is about coaching professionals, professors, parents and artists to address inner and outer harmony and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Coachenlight Spot Coaching

Leveraging interventive spot coaching to discover yourself through visual art, performing art and nature, inspiring you to live a more joyful life.

For More Details and Registration Contact : lenimathews@emmpower.com | Ph +91 98452 02315