Coaching Leadership Award 2015 by World Coaching Congress

Emmpower, a leadership development, mentoring and coaching organization was founded in 1997 by Leni Sara Mathews. Emmpower is engaged in optimizing human potential in the corporate world at individual, team and organizational levels. It’s expertise lies in co-creating a custom designed experiential, blended learning approach to address specific organization needs of clients. This includes leadership competence, mentoring, executive coaching, people management skills, cultural integration and change management.

"Emmpower’s maturity in corporate leadership development over 20 years in the manufacturing, aerospace, IT, BPO, infrastructure,banking, hospitality and consulting domains has given it the competitive edge to add value to organizations in a global context today.”

Emmpower’s core competence arises from continuous R&D, Data Analytics relevant to business, application of Behavioural Science and the usage of the Coaching Approach with Profiling Tools like MBTI administered by Certified Assessors.

Our high impact comes from the facilitation of self-awareness, learning ownership, emotional self-regulation and motivation through innovative experiential learning techniques.

The purpose of Emmpower is to awaken the spirit in all mankind; discover their true nature and potential, create a world of peace, compassion and collective celebration that manifests our highest calling. The vision of Emmpower is to significantly touch and empower the lives and dreams of 1,25,000 leaders, professionals, mentors and coaches by 2025 through mentoring and coaching at individual and organizational levels equally.

Emmpower’s CSR engagement with “Initiatives of Change”, a non profit organization in ethical leadership / conflict management in both public & private sectors and with social initiatives with academic education, lends sensitivity to addressing governance concerns and learning competence in organizations.

We have on board a team of Coaches and Mentors/Trainers who have varied work experience and proficiency in specific domains and at leadership levels.

Mentors & Coaches

Leni Sara Mathews

Founder Director
& Mentor Coach, PCC

Lorraine Wong

Leadership Coach

Neelu Kapur

Sr Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach.

Franck Barthelemy

Executive Mentor Coadh

For More Details and Registration Contact : lenimathews@emmpower.com | Ph +91 98452 02315