“Do you want to become an internationally certified Leadership Coach ?”


“Do you want to engage with the coaching style of leadership?”

Join Emmpower's
ICF Accredited Coach Certification Training

Takes Aways

  • Learn to coach yourself, discover your untapped potential, passion, hidden realities, blind spots and dreams
  • Learn the international ICF coaching competencies to become a great coach and get certified with global recognition
  • The face to face session help the individual to open up and break free. It makes it easy for the individual to go in depth; share their emotions and learn about themselves while being coached and coaching others
  • Mentor Coached practice sessions facilitate a skill drill that initiates effective application of coaching in various business requirements
  • Application of coaching as a leadership approach and competence within organizations

Target Audience

Corporate Executives, People Managers aspiring to become internal coaches and Professionals wanting to become certified coaches.

Session One 20th, 22nd & 23rd Sept. 2019, Face to face sessions (ACC & PCC)
Session Two 19th & 20th Oct. 2019, (Sat & Sun -Face to face-Bangalore) ACC & PCC
1st & 2nd Nov. 2019 (2pm to 6pm, Fri. & Sat. Virtual via zoom) ACC & PCC
Session Three 8th, 9th & 10th Nov, 2019, Face to face sessions (PCC)
Session Four 7th & 8th Dec, 2019 Face to face (PCC)
18th & 19th Jan, 2020, 2 to 6pm Virtual via Zoom (PCC)
Venue The Iris Business Hotel, Brigade Road, Bangalore [ click for location map ]

Course Fees

Rs 1,50,000/- plus 18% GST for Coach Certification Training towards ACC
Rs 2,50,000/- plus 18% GST for Coach Certification Training PCC
Early Bird Offer for Registrations before 30th August 2019
Rs 1,25,000/- plus 18% GST for Coach Certification Training towards ACC
Last day for for Registrations before 05th September 2019

The Program Design -

  • The Emmpower brand of coaching certification has an inspirational essence which enables self awareness, self regulation and self motivation. It empowers self transformation to become a centered coach and leader
  • Has a holistic approach to coaching as it combines Eastern philosophy and Western sciences, i.e., spiritual and analytical. It draws from 7 different disciplines
  • The session gives an appreciative insight into unrealized inner resources of an individual
  • Uses tools to understand, visualize and address your long term aspirations and goals, back from the future
  • Assignments, reading material and rigorous practice sessions increase the confidence level of participants to be effective coaches

Recognizing the significance of executive coaching for leadership in global business today, Emmpower took the lead to promote in India, an internationally co-created brand of leadership development – over the last 7 years. Today Emmpower offers the ICF oriented ACSTH Course Certificate Program for the Associate Coach Certification, ACC and the Professional Coach Certification, PCC

The International Coaching Federation, USA, (ICF), is the largest non-profit, peer-managed, international coaching community. ICF has a Bangalore Chapter today that Emmpower pioneered.

For More Details and Registration Contact : lenimathews@emmpower.com | Ph +91 98452 02315