Dr. Susana Verghese

  • Has 30 years of experience
  • Has a natural flare & passion in facilitating people to learn about physiological challenges.
  • Her ability to effectively address physiological concerns of corporate life comes from her own experiences and compassion coupled with professional knowledge and skill

Academic/professional Specialization:

  • Trained physiotherapist from the prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore.
  • Trained in Ergonomics.
  • She was the gold medalist of her time and has had 30 years of experience in her field.
  • Her forte is Orthopedic & Neurological conditions.
  • Specializes in treating Spinal Pain (back & neck) and that’s close to her heart.
  • Is a practitioner and runs a clinic.


  • She is well traveled and has attended Physio conferences internationally (Australia & Singapore) as well as in India.
  • Run clinic for personal consulting.
  • She has written articles in newspapers & magazines.
  • Has also conducted training courses with corporate like Texas Instruments, IBM, SAP Labs, Spice Telecom, Sun micro Systems as well as with the wives of air force officers, doctors at Narayana Hrudalaya and school children.
Faculty members
- Leni Sara Mathews
- Rekha Mathew
- Neelu Kapur
- Greg Hamra
- Trupti Jayin
- Dr.Susana Verghese
- Franck Barthelemy
- Parimala P G



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