Rekha Mathew

  • Has a natural insight into human behavior that optimises her training and facilitation effectiveness.
  • 18 years industry experience in Customer Service.
  • Has trained 5000 + people

Academic/professional specialization:

  • A Graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Social Psychology from Madras University.
  • Has Post Graduate Diploma in Social Communications Media from Bombay University.
  • Transactional Analysis" from International Association, U.S.A.
  • Trained in "Emotional Intelligence"
  • Trained in "Inspiring Facilitator - Leader"

Has experience in

  • Practical real life application of concepts and facilitation of personal transformation
  • Tele-Sales and Marketing for all Travel Related Services.
  • Has experience in developing Training Modules for Effective Communication Techniques & conducting Training Programmes for middle management and front-line executives

Specialises in

  • Effective Business Communication Skills, Customer Centricism, Presentation Skills, Customer Interface Management, Business Correspondence, Personal & Professional Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Cross Cultural Diversity & Etiquettes, Team Building and Time Management..
  • Has a natural flair and compassion to facilitate / motivate people in learning and development.
Faculty members
- Leni Sara Mathews
- Rekha Mathew
- Neelu Kapur
- Greg Hamra
- Trupti Jayin
- Dr.Susana Verghese
- Franck Barthelemy
- Parimala P G



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