Dr. Trupti Jayin

Dr. Trupti Jayin has a work experience of 20 plus years as a clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, psychometric evaluator and corporate trainer. She is a specialist in Psychotherapy.

Stress management, circle of excellence workshops on self esteem and confidence building and a unique workshop on anger management called Rage to Sage for managers. She also conducts specific goal oriented inner engineering and explorations workshops. She is a Spiritual Healer and conducts the Feel to Heal signature programs.

She has worked with Ideas Cellular, Deutche Bank, Siemens and Times Foundation. Her association with Bayer India has specifically been with Trauma Counseling. Her forte is the amazing ease with which she combines the tenets of spiritual sciences and metaphysics to make the workshops relevant and meaningful for the new age human, through the managing of one’s mind. She combines various psychotherapeutic techniques like Narrative Therapy, Gestalt, NLP, REBT and EMDR for mental and emotional reorganization and retraining for meaningful direction.

Faculty members
- Leni Sara Mathews
- Rekha Mathew
- Neelu Kapur
- Greg Hamra
- Trupti Jayin
- Dr.Susana Verghese
- Franck Barthelemy
- Parimala P G



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