Franck Barthelemy

Recruited by the Foreign Affairs as soon as he graduated from one of the leading European business schools, Franck started his career in 1993 as a Commercial Attaché at the French Embassy in Bombay and started a passion for India. He left the diplomatic world to join the oil industry, Exxon Mobil and then BP, where he spent a 14 year successful period dealing with marketing and communication, trading, sales and business development in France, the UK, the Netherland, the Middle East and India.

Franck created a unique alternative energy business model for rural communities in India where he took up the challenge to tie up NGOs with a multinational. He then set up and developed the teams of the only one of its kind procurement operations centre in partnership with Infosys in Bangalore.

Franck likes people management and loves setting up world benchmarks. Based in Bangalore (India), he is now a freelance consultant and has decided to share his knowledge and expertise with companies interested to explore the Indian market. Franck is also involves in seminar and talks about creativity and leadership.

Franck is a trumpet player, a contemporary art collector, a trekker and a keen photographer. Throughout his many trips around the world, he developed a very personal collection made of Indian, French, Russian and Greek arts. Franck writes about contemporary arts. Fascinated by the Indian contemporary art scene, he has recently started promoting a few artists in Paris.

Faculty members
- Leni Sara Mathews
- Rekha Mathew
- Neelu Kapur
- Greg Hamra
- Trupti Jayin
- Dr.Susana Verghese
- Franck Barthelemy
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