Introduction to the Coach Certification Training Course

This course helps you to coach yourself first and hence discovers or rather uncovers the true potential of coaching also as a coach. It fine tunes the coaching competencies as per international certification requirements.

The program involves a holistic approach to coaching as it combines Eastern philosophy and Western approaches, ie. spiritual and analytical.

The Emmpower brand of coaching certification has an inspirational essence which enables self awareness, self regulation and self motivation. It empowers self transformation to become a centered coach and leader.

The face to face session help the individual to open up and break free. It makes it easy for the individual to go in depth; share their emotions and learn about themselves.

The session gives an appreciative insight into unrealized potential and inner resources of an individual. The program enables you to address business applications and development as well, apart from working with personal attitudes and values. Reaching your long term goal and working backwards from your life vision is another unique approach to the program.

Currently in Bangalore, Emmpower delivers the ICF Coach Core Competence aligned Training program for ICF certification towards ACC and PCC. The International Coaching Federation, USA, (ICF), is the largest non-profit, peer-managed, international coaching community.

Recognizing the significance of executive coaching for leadership in global business today, Emmpower took the lead to promote in India, an internationally co-created brand of leadership development – over the last 7 years. Today Emmpower offers the ICF oriented ACSTH Course Certificate Program for the Associate Coach Certification, ACC and the Professional Coach Certification, PCC.

Target Audience

Leaders, managers, HR professionals, L&D specialists and entrepreneurs looking to gain leadership competence.

The ICF aligned Coach Certification Program

Emmpower offers the ICF aligned ACSTH Program that lead to ACC, Associate Certified Coach and PCC Professional Certified Coach for professionals and executives.

The requirements for certification for PCC include - 125 hours of training, including assignment validated self study hours, with minimum 10 hours mentor coaching, 2 coach recordings demonstrating the ICF Core Competencies, 500 hours of validated coaching experience from the date of joining the Coach Training Program and clearance of an online written test , the CKA, Coach Knowledge Assessment.

Level - 1 Level - 2
  Coach Certification Training towards ACC Coach Certification Training towards PCC
Total commitment 60 hours over 4 months 125 hours over 9 months
Synchronous Face-to-face at location 48 hours over 6 days 100 hours over 12 days
PCC Mentored Coaching 10 hours with 3 one on ones 20 hours with 6 one on ones
Asynchronous Self-study, assignments and practice coaching 12-hours 25-hours
Batch size 05 to 10 05 to 10
Target audience Leaders, managers, HR professionals and L&D specialists looking to gain leadership competence. Experienced 15+ year leaders & entrepreneurs looking to gain in depth awareness and advanced leadership competence.


Our schedule for the November 2017 Batch for Emmpower’s own ICF aligned (ACSTH) program towards ACC and PCC are as follows:-

Session One 17th & 18th November 2017, Bangalore ( Fri & Sat ) towards ACC and PCC
Session Two 1st & 2nd December 2017, Bangalore ( Fri & Sat ) towards ACC and PCC
Session Three 2nd & 3rd February , 2018, Bangalore (Fri & Sat) towards ACC and PCC
Session Four Review 3rd March 2018, Bangalore , (Sat ) towards ACC & PCC
Session Five 4th & 5th May, 2018, Bangalore, 2018 (Fri & Sat) towards ACC and PCC
Session Six 8th & 9th June, Bangalore, 2018 (Fri & Sat) towards ACC and PCC
Session Seven 6th & 7th July , 2018, Bangalore (Fri & Sat) towards ACC and PCC

for more information contact :
or call @ +91 98452 02315


Emmpower certifies total training hours including face-to-face, virtual, mentoring, and assignments. To complete the ICF credential process, participants must submit the following to ICF online:

  • This certificate along with a required Coaching Log verification of coaching experience hours as relevant
  • ICF membership details
  • ICF Updated Certification Application Fee (not included in Emmpower’s course fees)
  • Two coach recordings for ACSTH PCC certification route.
  • Ensure you are familiarized with the latest updated ICF Ethics and Professional Standards through the ICF website.

Once the above application is accepted and approved by ICF, then they will send you the link for your Online ICF CKA.

For current details of credential requirements and fees, please visit:

Course Outline

Emmpower's Coach Training Program employs its proprietary SACCRED Model™ and Emmpower Process™ based on ICF competencies, GROW model and the Appreciative Transformative approach, to deliver the following through 12 structured modules of 09-hours each:

All Modules are Face to Face sessions and include the, 11 ICF competencies with mentor coaching at 3 credential levels

  • Module-1 : Setting the Foundation : Coaching definition, differentiation, discerning benefits, ICF Applications process, ICF Competencies and C1 -Ethics and Professional standards..
  • Module-2 : Setting the Foundation : C2 – Establishing The Coaching Agreement, The Coaching Process, the GROW Model and Emmpower’s SACCRED Model™ with a focus on agreement.
  • Module-3 : Co-Creating the Relationship : C3 - Establishing Trust and Intimacy, Building Relationships C4 – The Coaching Presence and being in the Ideal Performance State of a Coach
  • Module-4 : Communicating Effectively : C5 – Active Listening, Listening at different levels, the Inner Game and about Coaching at 3 credential levels and Assignments
  • Module-5 : Communicating Effectively : C6 – Powerful Questioning, Emotional Intelligence C7- Direct Communication
  • Module-6 : Facilitating Learning and Results : C8 – Creating awareness, Reframing C9,10 & 11 –Actions, planning, managing progress and accountability and Appreciative Inquiry moving from a limited space to a resourceful, liberated, accountable state.
  • Module-7 : Learning Reviews and ICF Competencies : Assignments, learning evaluations against ICF competencies and Cognitiv Behavioral Therapy
  • Module-8 : ICF Competencies and the Holistic Approach : ICF Competencies and Wheel of Life
  • Module-9 : ICF Competencies : ICF Competencies in Leadership, and Creative Visualization
  • Module-10 : ICF Competencies : ICF Competencies in Business and Professional Applications of coaching
  • Module-11 : ICF Competencies : ICF Competencies and the Coaching Journey
  • Module-12 : ICF Competencies : ICF Competencies review, assignments, objective review and ICF application process.

All modules inculdes

  • Observed coaching based on the ICF Core Coaching Competence
  • Course Content Manual

Feedback from Emmpower clients

Arundathi Rao,
Director Hewlett Packard
Vasudha Mangalam. Director
HR Razorsight Software Pvt. Ltd.
Professor PS James,
OB, HR & Leadership,TA Pai Institute of Management.
Trupti Magdum, Manager
Strategic Projects & Change Management. WS ATKINS

Venkatesh Prasad,
HR Head Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Akhil Salunkey,
Learning, Leadership and Org Effectiveness, Juniper Networks
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